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Basketball LCD Scoreboard
Introducing the LCD Basketball Scoreboard
The affordable scoreboard solution for basketball teams and schools alike. Software only packages are available for purchase now! Order Now
Fully Functional Scoreboard
The scoreboard can score full basketball games with options for different period settings. Time Outs, Fouls, Scores and a game timer are all displayed as well as Sub and possession indicators. Add your club logo to the scoreboard with ease and display your actual team names instead of the usual Light vs Dark that appears on regular scoreboards.
Video Playback for Sponsor Advertising
The scoreboard has a fully functional video and image slideshow player built in. Generate revenue and display sponsor messages. It supports most video formats and will display images for 10 seconds each. A great way to use the scoreboard in between periods and increase to advertising revenue.
Automatic Score Sheet Generator
The program will record the game as it is scored and can generate a score sheet at the end. The score sheet is saved as a standard excel (.xls) file which can be customised and printed, emailed, or filed for later reference.

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